Semaglutide for Weight Loss and Life Balance

by | Aug 25, 2023 | Med Spa

Sugar is not a thing most of us need more of. We get it mysteriously in foods where we don’t think there is much at all, naturally from fruits (some of this we need!) and quietly from bread, pasta, rice, crackers, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. We even get more sugar from “diet” drinks!

I know many women (I am one) who can gain weight just looking at food… it seems I eat almost nothing if I want to maintain my weight, never mind lose any…

I have literally met women who like their appearance but cannot eat even a full meal and maintain it- playing games with “ wine spritzers” and salads without dressing just to maintain the status quo.

Exercise is great for more muscle definition, but if you have tried it to help this balance you know-

It takes a massive amount of exercise to burn enough calories to help at all.

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You may also notice in yourself or others that you can be “thin” enough but carry stomach or belly fat, especially if you have been pregnant. You or your friends may also have been warned of future diabetes risk because of high sugar intake.

We all want to live a long healthy life, ideally while looking beautiful and slim, feeling energetic and actually having some fun!

Consider adding Semaglutide to your routine. Semaglutide, like the other brands Ozempic and Wegovy will reduce sugar retention and encourage weight loss, particularly the unsightly stomach fat we have all fought forever. If there is a predisposition to diabetes, reducing sugar is highly recommended as well. We provide all clients with a personalized program based on their particular body analysis and specific goals.

Eating an entire gourmet meal three times a day every day may not ever be possible for a slender woman who wants to remain that way, but you can have that real glass of wine and add salad dressing and protein and still become slimmer and more energetic making your future more beautiful, balanced, happier and healthier, with the bonus of a flatter stomach! I am personally at 10% less body weight and holding with a much healthier diet, thanks to this small change. May you also achieve everything you are working towards!

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